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Mövenpick Petra

Sustainability Plan 2023

Sustainability Plan 2023

Environmental Sustainability

At Mövenpick Resort Petra, we are committed to conducting our business in a sustainable way from an environmental perspective, taking care of the planet, and making it a better place for future generations. We also believe that our collective actions do make a difference.

Social Sustainability

Mövenpick Resort Petra continuously seeks ways and engages in initiatives that aim to improve the local community that we belong to, thus referred to as "social sustainability." Part of the CSR program includes participation in the woman empowerment program, acceptance of trainees from local vocational schools, the #AKiloOfKindness campaign, and career talks for students.

The social sustainability drive of our resort highly supports the worldwide MH&R SHINE program.

Employee Sustainability

Mövenpick Resort Petra believes that the employees are the key factor in its success and therefore finds ways to take care of them. The resort is always for development and provides venue in any way possible for promoting career growth. Ample training, employee engagement, and feedback, as well as further educational sponsorship, are always upheld and given attention in the resort.

Green Globe Partnership

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is to become one of the largest hotel groups to commit to Green Globe certification for all its properties worldwide. With the new partnership, we underpin our ambition to set an example for the industry. The strategy is part of a company-wide program to establish a common and global approach to environmental, social, and employee sustainability.

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is aiming to set a new benchmark for sustainability by committing to a certification partnership with the internationally acclaimed Green Globe.

Our aim at Mövenpick Resort Petra is to maintain our compliance with the Green Globe indicators.