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Al Iwan Restaurant

About this restaurant

An elegant dining room on the lobby level, serving fine Mediterranean and Local Jordanian cuisine in a candlelit Middle Eastern setting. The restaurant has been voted the best restaurant in Jordan by the Grumpy Gourmet Magazine.

Why you’ll love it!

Fine Mediterranean cuisine

Al Iwan menu offers an artistic and courageous blend of Mediterranean ingredients and a fine choice of authentic Jordanian cuisine.

Middle Eastern setting

The ideal dining room for those who desire either a refined, candle-lit Middle Eastern setting, a venue for romantic rendez-vous or an elegant evening. Al Iwan features fine Mediterranean cuisine for dinner; an enchanted evening guaranteed.

Elegant dining room

Formal yet intimate, the award-winning Al Iwan is ideal for those who desire a refined candle-lit Middle Eastern setting for a romantic “rendez-vous” or an elegant invitation.

Location & contact

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