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Mövenpick Bahrain

Rimal Spa Bahrain

Rimal Spa Bahrain

Rimal Spa features 12 treatment rooms, including single treatment suites, one double female suite and two traditional Turkish hammam suites with their own steam rooms and heated wet tables.

All treatment rooms are designed to the highest standards and have private showers. To ensure privacy, the wellness facility offers segregated male and female wings with relaxation waiting areas where organic herbal infusions and fruit water are served.

To enhance the wellness journey, Rimal Spa offers exclusively designed, holistic and non-invasive treatments using London’s Harley Street Skin Care products and CACI non-surgical face and body lift machines.  Voya marine products and signature treatments using seashells add a unique dimension to the spa, which also does its part to support green practices and halal-certified organic products.

  • Segregated Female and Male wings
  • Harley Street product
  • CACI non-surgical face and body lift machine
  • 12 treatment rooms with private showers
  • Luxury VIP royal couple treatment suite
  • Up to 43 à la carte treatments and massageses

Why you’ll love it

CACI non-surgical treatments

CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is a system that uses the series of electrical pulses that stimulates muscles, with microcurrent facial techniques in conjunction with faradic slimming and toning applications. The CACI Quantum and Synergy redefines facial muscles, reduces lines and wrinkles and tightens and tones sagging body muscles.

  • Redefines and tones muscles 
  • Anti-ageing effects
  • Non-invasive
  • Works in harmony with body muscles

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