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فندق وريزيدنسز موڤنبيك برج هاجر


غرف باعثة على الراحة

المطاعم والمقاهي

مكان للاستمتاع بالحياة

نؤمن بتقديم المتعة الحقيقية بالطريقة الصائبة، وتدليل نزلائنا بالمأكولات الطازجة الشهية، والحلويات والنكهات الكثيرة التي لا تقدِّمها إلا فنادق موفنبيك، وتقدَّم جميعها بقدرٍ وافر من العناية المخلصة.

المرافق والأنشطة

عندما يكون للحياة مذاق أحلى

تذوّق المعنى الحقيقي لجودة الحياة في موفنبيك. حيث الأيام المشمسة على حمّام السباحة ووقت المنتجع الصحي الغني بالتدليل والتمارين الباعثة على النشاط والحيوية والتجارب الثقافية الحقيقية، إننا ندعوك لترى روائع ستأسرك دون شك.

المعلومات العملية

المعلومات العملية

الموقع وبيانات التواصل


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4.5/5 تقييم تريب أدفايزر

1817 آراء

Adly B
: 1.0 on 5"
20/05/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
untrained and non professional staff very bad experience

I book the hotel this Thursday and Friday (18 and 19 May 2023 ) honestly was one of the worst i ever had my comment is about the quality of the service that is true the rooms is good the location is near to haram but the staff untrained unprofessional does not have any thing to do with 5 starts hotel all of them deals like no responsibility at all the problem is no difference between duty manager or assistant duty manager or duty supervisor or receptionist. or valet all the same stupid unprofessional i would say not responsible and not trained person i will not comeback to this hotel any more

: 3.0 on 5"
07/05/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Not a 5 star hotel at all!

The only thing good about this hotel is the location. I am not sure why it is a 5 star hotel, doesn't have many qualities of a 5 star. The bathrooms were old and stained. The room was okayish. The breakfast restaurant was unhygienic and the breakfast options were not very good. It's an option if you really want to stay somewhere close to Al-haram.

: 4.0 on 5"
06/05/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Nice hotel in Mekkah - closest to the grand mosque ( Haram) is

Very nice hotel in terms of amenities and proximity to the Grand mosque of Mecca , 3 restaurants with excellent food variety for breakfast. Front desk staff need to be more hospitable and friendly and less arrogant.. We got Room with city view , which is very convenient and spacious .. A\c is good , TV is very bad not easy to use.. rooms with connecting doors are so bad I. Sound proofing and I can clearly hear both neighbors talking at night .. motion detector led light is good for sustainability but very annoying as it flashes at night .. It is highly recommended for Islamic visitors for Utah and hajj The hotel is closest to the kaaba and haram access is very good. But you use two elevators to reach your room

: 3.0 on 5"
05/05/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Excellent location and great room service - condition of the room was poorer than two star motels in US

Makkah Movenpick has an excellent location, well connected to Haram. You can join prayers at Haram from your room. Although they have excellent room service, the condition of the rooms was poorer than most of the two-star motels in the US. My hotel bathroom had no exhaust ( or exhaust does not work). It was tiny (the size of a cruise ship bathroom), with no space to keep personal toiletries. Inside the bathroom, the lighting is poor. However, they have some spotlights from the ceiling in the bathroom. It was challenging to use the mirror for shaving ( too dark). I had to use the dressing mirror inside. Wi-Fi: although the hotel claims they have free Wi-Fi. They have a fragile Wi-Fi network. The average speed is less <0.5MB/sec and insecure. Due to a security vulnerability, my MAC OS refused to connect to this network. Although ACCOR used to provide semi-secured Wi-Fi in Makkah and Medina hotels, it is no longer supported. I wish they had a secure and fast Wi-Fi service even if we had to pay extra. If guests could pay $1200-1400 per night to stay, they could afford another $10-20 per day for secured Wi-Fi services.  WLAN - I was using my US carrier “Verizon” for roaming. So I got 200 - 300 MB/sec 3 - 5G connection everywhere in Makkah. However, inside the room, there was practically no cellular service. So I had to go to the corridor or to the lobby to make personal phone calls. I contacted my service provider (Verizon). They said they are using the “Zion” network - I should have a good signal all over Makkah unless the hotel is blocking the service. Then I found out that there was an “STC” antenna disk installed inside the room ceiling. That might be blocking the Zion network. If the hotel is wired with an “STC” antenna blocking other WLANs, they should have mentioned that on their websites or informed guests when check-in. If we had known, we could have bought an STC eSim for $22 (80 SR ) monthly instead of paying $20 daily for 2 US phones for roaming service.

Unaiza H
: 5.0 on 5"
01/05/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Room service

Had a great experience, everything was perfect..Rakib helped us alot, cleaned the room on time and provided us with whatever needed..thanks for the hospitality.. View from our wondow was also good. The staff was very helpful too.

زُر أقرب فنادقنا