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التجارب المُلهمة

Mövenpick Zurich Airport

زُر أقرب فنادقنا


غرف باعثة على الراحة

المطاعم والمقاهي

مكان للاستمتاع بالحياة

نؤمن بتقديم المتعة الحقيقية بالطريقة الصائبة، وتدليل نزلائنا بالمأكولات الطازجة الشهية، والحلويات والنكهات الكثيرة التي لا تقدِّمها إلا فنادق موفنبيك، وتقدَّم جميعها بقدرٍ وافر من العناية المخلصة.

المرافق والأنشطة

عندما يكون للحياة مذاق أحلى

تذوّق المعنى الحقيقي لجودة الحياة في موفنبيك. حيث الأيام المشمسة على حمّام السباحة ووقت المنتجع الصحي الغني بالتدليل والتمارين الباعثة على النشاط والحيوية والتجارب الثقافية الحقيقية، إننا ندعوك لترى روائع ستأسرك دون شك.

المعلومات العملية

المعلومات العملية

الموقع وبيانات التواصل


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4.0/5 تقييم تريب أدفايزر

2453 آراء

Paul V
: 4.0 on 5"
23/06/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Nice place to relax prior to long flight.

Nice to have a frequent shuttle to the Zurich airport. Spacious and quiet room with frig, coffee and comfortable beds. Thought the restaurant was a bit pricey so passed on that and had a pizza delivered. After a long time in Europe it was nice to have a place to relax before flying back to the US.

Suddhasattwa M
: 5.0 on 5"
22/06/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Holiday at Zurich

Beautiful and comfortable rooms with good view of trains plying. Beds were very comfortable. Breakfast was excellent. So many variety of breads, cheese, hot beverages, yogurts, fruits, bacons, sausages etc. Excellent service. Surprisingly there no shaving kits, dental kits, slippers.

: 1.0 on 5"
10/06/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Cheater Hotel. Avoid this hotel if you travelling in a group as you will be left in middle of nowhere.

Most disgusting management. Our group was kicked out no sooner they received the payment. They said we cannot refund you and you have to take an alternative hotel we offer. They even blackmailed us that they will not help us if we try to argue. They said its normal practice to knock out groups if they are sold out even though you have a contract and have made 100% payment.. Alternative hotel provided is either lower category of 10 kms away. All this they do only after they receive 100% payment from the client. So super duper cheater hotel. Never ever trust this hotel.

: 2.0 on 5"
09/06/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
“Free” shuttle

The hotel advertises a free shuttle but between the hours of noon and 4:00pm, it does not operate. Instead, they direct you to a service which charged $18 to go several miles. At least in the USA, that would not be considered free. Secondly, as others have stated, the location is isolated, so if you want food/drink, you are captive to their prices. An example - 9 CHF for a bottle of still water. That is excessive even by Switzerland standards.

: 2.0 on 5"
09/05/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Authorization amount issue

Hello Team, I am writing to seek your intervention regarding an issue with a recent stay at Movenpick. On April 20, I checked into the hotel for a two-day stay, and at the reception, I was asked to pay an additional authorization amount of CHF 550, over and above the booking charge of CHF 350. I complied with the request. Upon departure on April 22, the manager assured me that the authorization amount would be refunded within 5 to 10 business days. However, I am now facing a denial of the authorization charge by the front office manager, even though I have provided the transaction slip via email as proof. This situation has not only led to a financial loss but also caused undue embarrassment. I have spent considerable time on calls trying to resolve this matter to no avail. Any assistance you can provide in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. I can be reached at Best regards, Rajesh

Frequently asked questions

Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport is located in Glattbrugg and benefits from an unrivalled location, five minutes away from Zürich Airport, near the train station and a few kilometres from the city centre itself.

The address of Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport is: 

Walter Mittelholzer Strasse 8,

8152 Glattbrugg,



Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport is home to two restaurants, a bar, Lobby lounge, Kiosk grab & go and a Fitness center.

At Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport there are 120 parking spaces in front of the building.

The phone number for Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport is: +41 44 808 88 88. Our friendly and professional staff look forward to hearing from you.