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Mövenpick Tala Bay

Mello Bar

About this restaurant

Situated at the lobby floor, the Mello Bar takes its name from the word “mellow”, which is the atmosphere you can expect in our chillout bar. Our professional bartenders mix a variety of cocktails and you can also order a wide selection of wines, champagnes and cognacs. Perfect for a pre-dinner aperitif or nightcap, Mello is a preferred spot for drinks with friends thanks to its relaxed and welcoming ambience. 

Why you’ll love it!

Chillout lounge

The relaxing ambiance of Mello Bar gives you the perfect nudge to unwind for the day. Its arabesque design and comfortable seating offer a perfect setting to relax after a tough day of work.

Special Drinks

Mello Bar offers unique drinks that allow you to enjoy your time with your friends

Comfort food

Aside from a place to enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Mello Bar is a perfect dinner location offering a rich selection of mezze, salads, fingerfood, sandwiches and grilled meat.

Location & contact

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