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Mövenpick Hotel İstanbul Bosphorus

Fitness & Spa


An unique place of refreshment and wellness in the heart of Istanbul's bustling city centre.

Mövenpick Bosphorus Fitness&Spa

You can replenish, rejuvenate and completely revive the body, mind, and soul in the tranquil with Mövenpick Bosphorus. Our team of experts and spa offers rejuvenating procedures exclusive to your requirement.


Or you can give your body an extra challenge with our fully equipped gyms. We provide the best tools, programs, and professional staff to help you reach your fitness goals. Mövenpick's professional environment gives you the time of your life while taking care of your health and fitness.

Why you’ll love it

Scrub & Foam Ritual

Retreat for an entire day of indulgence, beginning your journey with a Turkish hammam ritual. Rest your spirit and relax your body from tip to toe with the latest massage procedures. Detox and boost your energy levels with soothing therapy.

Fitness & Health Club

Elevate and rejuvenate your body goals with Mövenpick Fitness & Health Club. Follow your daily fitness routines with certified personal trainers and state-of-the-art equipment as you shape up in style.


Elevate your mind, body and expectations with access to a world-class gym facility offering a full range of equipment and exercise areas to cater to your goals and workout routines.


Discover a fitter, better and healthier you at this premier fitness center of Mövenpick Bosphorus Istanbul

Health packages

Start a new chapter of your life with Mövenpick Bosphorus' health packages. With special health and fitness packages tailored to your lifestyle and needs Mövenpick Bosphorus is with your on your new journey. Book now and meet with Mövenpick's privileges.

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