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Mövenpick Hotel Wellington

Forage Kitchen + Bar

About this restaurant

FORAGE Kitchen + Bar harvests elements from New Zealand’s unique terroir and bring stories back from the farm.


The restaurant’s unique destination creates a lively impression with the focal point of the view overlooking the Cuban quarter. The open kitchen allows Forage’s culinary team to showcase the restaurants philosophy in the preparation of local produce; from root to flower, from nose to tail.


Unique views over Wellington. Delicious food and cocktails. Ideal for a romantic night out.

Why you’ll love it!

Incredible Cocktails

Mix, mingle and socialise with a tipple blended by the Forage team.


Enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast at Forage Kitchen.

Local Ingredients

Selecting only the best and freshest produce. Forage mixes the finest ingredients with culinary techniques.

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