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Mövenpick Hotel Hobart

A Sustainable Stay

Giving back to people and the planet is life’s greatest pleasure and at Mövenpick Hobart, this wholesome ethos is at the core of our renowned sustainability programme. Read on to learn more about sustainable services and facilities available during your stay and let's keep tomorrow as delicious as today.

Single Use Plastics

Our hotel has removed single use plastics from your stay. This includes:

  • The removal of all plastic water bottles
  • Introduction of refillable bathroom amenities by YUNI Beauty
  • Other eco-friendly room and bathroom amenities

Guests can enjoy Hobart's fresh, safe drinking water from their guestroom tap or visit our chilled filtered water station in our level 2 gym to fill personal water bottles. 

Serving Our Community

Movenpick Hobart is proud to support community initiatives including DV Collective's Silly Socks for a Safe House. Guests can get involved by purchasing a pair of Silly Socks from Reception during their stay. Learn more.

Water & Energy

Assist us in reducing water and energy consumption by pressing your digital door display to “do not disturb” or by simply reusing your towels to help us make a positive impact on the world. To reuse your towel, kindly place them back on the towel rack. To further assist, please remove your room key card from the key power socket upon departing your room. Did you know that your room features double glazed windows? This type of glass helps reduce heat loss or heat gain by almost 30% in comparison to single-glazed windows and helps our hotel be more energy efficient. 

Sustainable Meetings

At Mövenpick, sustainable meetings initatives have been developed to assist event organisers in running their events and meetings more sustainably.

  • No single use plastics (wooden pencils, plastic water bottles replaced with carafes)
  • No singular plastic wrapped amenities or food items
  • Conference floor and meetings rooms equipped with sensor lighting that auto adjusts based on external light, therefore reducing energy consumption 
  • Food waste turned into compost

Food Waste

Our hotel partners with the Hobart City Council to recycle food waste, composting it into nutrient rich soil. This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and helps to limit the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Choose Sustainable Travel

Choosing to travel as sustainably as possible helps to reduce the negative impact caused on the environment and ecosystem of the places that you are visiting. While tourism helps create demand for jobs and boost the local economy, the environmental impact of tourism can be devastating if it is not properly managed. We thank our guests in supporting our unwavering commitment to minimising the ecological impact of each and every stay.