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Mövenpick Siam Na Jomtien Pattaya

T55 New York Grill Room

About this restaurant

Prime cuts of dry aged beef are complemented by a wide range of wines available both by the bottle and the glass for a refreshing take on the grill room experience. Quirky touches like industrial accents and a meat ageing cabinet surprise and delight diners while the fine flavours and textures on the plate engage their senses. Guests feel immersed in a contemporary grill room experience that allows them to experience the urban pulse of New York City at Na Jomtien beach.

Why you’ll love it!


The menu delights even the most serious meat connoisseurs with an array of imported signature dry aged beef cuts including a succulent Tomahawk steak and the mouthwatering Meatpacking Burger. Accompanied by a choice of premium wines to pair and complete the meal.


A state-of-the-art butchery is custom built to maintain the top quality imported beef at the right temperature for the various succulent dishes on the T55 menu. The guest select their cut from the meat ageing cabinet where the team standby to offer their expertise


Gastronomes are sure to take delight in the industrial accents of the New York grill room design, a sophisticated yet unpretentious feel with artistic expressions on the walls, low directional lighting, and stylish contemporary furnishings.

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