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Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay


About this restaurant

Delight in the unique flavours of Korea or explore the different tastes of Japanese and Chinese in Ssäm. Satisfy your palate with our interactive culinary theatre, as our skilled chefs create sumptuous Asian feasts. Experience Korea's popular tradition with our tabletop grills Samgyupsal. From banchan and omakase to our range of sake and soju. Treat yourself to Asian cuisine overlooking our immense pool and Boracay's azure waters.

Why you’ll love it!


Savour Asian delights with our selection of Korean, Japanese and Chinese dishes. Grill your own style of Korean Samgyupsal while overlooking our immense grand pool.


Push your appetite's boundaries and discover new tastes in this gastronomic gem. Whether you are in the mood for tangy kimchi or heart-warming brews, dining at Ssäm is always an adventure worth looking forward to.


Ssäm offers an interactive dining experience like no other. Not to be outdone by their sumptuous, memorable dishes, our skilled master chefs dazzle and impress as they prepare your favourites with their signature flair.

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