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Mövenpick Karachi

The Pakistani

About this restaurant

Enjoy a luxurious atmosphere of colourful decor, fun seating arrangements - choose between a table or traditional floor seating, fresh bread made on the spot with a live cooking spectator kitchen and live entertainment with a traditional singer.

Why you’ll love it!

Rich Mughlai dishes

Discover a traditional style of cooking that has been there since the Mughal era which includes cooking dishes in clay pot ovens called tandoors. The famous dishes include tikka, sajji and many more.

Traditional ambience

The traditional ambience with floor seating and hand painted clay utensils coupled with traditional live music performances by veteran ghazal artists will turn your evening into your memorable cultural experience.

Exotic dishes

The Pakistani stars mouth-watering slow-cooked dishes that will let you discover the flavours of local spices. Discover an authentic culinary experience with dum gosht biryani, bakray ki champ, jhinga seekh and many more.

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