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Lotus Court

About this restaurant

Lotus Court redefines the idea of Chinese cuisine and makes your dining experience memorable. The restaurant offers appetizing authentic Chinese dishes, with a menu which truly sets it apart from other restaurants. Let us surprise you with a variety of traditional Chinese fare. The menu selection together with a unique atmosphere of the venue create an extraordinary experience making Lotus Court stand out.

Why you’ll love it!

Authentic Chinese cuisine

Offering true flavours from various parts of China, our chef will introduce you to unique and authentic Chinese dishes exclusive to Lotus Court, such as Shuizhu chicken Chungking style, Mapu tofu and Yun Xiang chili prawns.

Exotic cocktails

Lotus Court offerd refreshing cocktails infused with exotic spices and herbs to provide you with a stimulating experience. The selection includes Lotus Breeze, Classic Mojito, Strawberry Sin, Pina Colada and many more.

Chinese MasterChef

Chinese MasterChef is behind the authentic flavours and unique dishes of Lotus Court.

Location & contact

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