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Mövenpick Sousse


About this restaurant

Taste authentic cuisine from the Empire of the Rising Sun at Sendai. Sample freshly-prepared sushi and sashimi, together with the delight of meat, seafood and other fresh ingredients cooked before your eyes at the teppanyaki tables. Sendai is a contemporary black and white Japanese venue with rich wooden flooring, clearly divided for Sushi on one side and teppanyaki on the other side.

Why you’ll love it!

Two-sided restaurant

Two distinctive settings; you can either sit at the counter, enjoying a glass of wine while watching our chefs preparing freshly made sushi or savour hot dishes by having a true teppanyaki experience in the teppanyaki section.

Culinary journey

Discover an authentic Japanese culinary experience through the most extensive use of Asian seasonal ingredients, a true Japanese method of food preparation and a selection of vegan dishes. Guests can also choose from our extensive list of local and imported wines.

Seasonal menus

Sendai Japanese restaurant offers seasonal menus created by our experienced chefs who every day stretch the limits in creating new dishes, yet still following the traditional preparation methods.

Location & contact

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