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Sports & Sightseeing

Explore El Quseir's surrounding, the beautiful desert, feel the bedouin life while riding a horse or a camel, check local attractions and get a local souvenir to memorize your unforgettable trip.

Desert Safari

The unique location of the hotel offers some of the most interesting adventures and excursions in the beautiful Quseir desert and mountains. Be a part of this!

Take a morning guided trip to welcome a new day in the unspoiled nature of the desert. If you prefer the Desert Storm trip, we will take you through Wadi Al Anz to Ghost city, an old deserted mining town. After a visit in the Bedouin oasis, watch the sunset and have time to take some pictures. Jeep safaris are also arranged into the desert hills during the cool hours of sunset.

  • Great adventure
  • Surrounding mountains
  • Bedouin life
  • Snake trail and Ghost city
  • Quad bikes & Jeep trips

Horseback and Camel Riding

Experience the feeling of Lawrence of Arabia when you ride horse or camel through the desert or along clear blue sapphire waters of the Red Sea.

Would you like to discover the desert on Arabian horses or camels? You can choose between a guided tour into the desert, at the beach or in the manège. Feel like Lawrence of Arabia when you ride through the desert and get the real Bedouin feeling. Take a morning guided trip to welcome a promising new day in the unspoiled beach nature and memorize it with amazing pictures.

  • Memorable adventure
  • Beach and desert trips
  • Bedouin feeling
  • Beautiful horses and camels
  • Lawrence of Arabia experience

El Quseir fortress and local bazaars

Take the opportunity to visit the historical sight of Quseir – famous Quseir Fort and shop around at local bazaars to get beautiful souvenirs for your family and friends.

Visit El Quseir's famous fort. It was originally built by Sultan Selim I in 1517 to protect the most important port on the Red Sea, which was used by pilgrims and served as a vital entrepot for Egypt's lucrative trade with Arabia and Asia. Then take a tour to the town to feel the atmosphere of local bazaars and shops. Bring home with you a small piece of Egypt to memorize your lovely vacation days.

  • Ancient Quseir Fort
  • Local Bazaars and Shops
  • Papyrus, statues, t shirts and leather goods

Sports & Recreational Activities

Choose from our wide variety of sport and recreation activities and enjoy your time gymming, playing tennis, squash, Volleyball and much more.

Don't worry if you didn't bring your tennis or squash rackets. We supply everything you need to have an enjoyable vacation. Ever wanted to be Robin Hood? You can also enjoy morning gym to have an energetic start into a new day. Play board games like chess, backgammon, cards, scrabble or dominoes with our leisure team.

  • Tennis and squash sets
  • Wide variety of board games
  • Beach volleybal 

Discover El Quseir

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