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酒店距离市中心只有 5-10 分钟路程,但却远离了城市的喧嚣,提供宁静祥和、放松身心的环境。酒店提供您所需要的一切:宽敞的客房、多间不同大小的会议室、娱乐场、各式餐厅和酒吧以及设施齐全的健身房。













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kin b
: 2.0 on 5"
21/03/2023 来自Tripadvisor
request for an invoice

Good morning, Saturday, March 18th at 10 pm. I paid 250 euros for a drink at the lobby bar without having a bill, the bartender told me the system is broken. Really, it's a shame for a five star hotel, besides drinks are pretty expensive. I need you to send me the invoice for eight glasses of Glenlivet and three glasses of Bombay gin on my gmail. If not, I will reach out directly to Head Office. Thank you for your time. I sent this email to hotel movenpick tangier 3 times without any response. it seems that this hotel works without administration. hotel.tangier.casino@movenpick.com

peoples are a
: 1.0 on 5"
15/03/2023 来自Tripadvisor
Worst 5 star hotel

Most of the outlets don’t work, bad quality shampoo, old tv, bad room decoration, jacuzzi don’t work… The only good thing here is the view, i wish i didn’t come to this hotel and i hope for the ppl reading my review don’t make the same mistake.

Roy W
: 1.0 on 5"
30/12/2022 来自Tripadvisor
Terrible service and poor accommodations - avoid if possible!

This is by far one of the worst hotel experiences I’ve ever had, and we’re coming from a 2 star riad with a literal straw mattress. It’s like everyone here has heard of the concept of a hotel, but never seen one. The Plato’s Cave of hotels. None of the staff understand English well, which isn’t a huge deal…except whenever they don’t understand they respond with a “Yes, no problem!” and then simply do nothing instead of letting us know they don’t understand. Upon checkin the rooms were mixed up (we had 2 suites and 2 rooms). No big deal we thought, but that was just the beginning. We booked a suite for us and our kids, we let them know we’d have 4 people in our room. When we saw the couch didn’t pull out, we called down for roll away beds - which took *2 hours* to arrive! But, of course they didn’t have blankets….so we called and asked for some to be sent up. Meanwhile, we tried to order room service - which again for some reason got us transferred 8 times between different people. First we didn’t have a menu - we called down twice but it never came. Then we got disconnected when calling down several times…and then transferred between the front desk and the restaurant - no one seemed to understand how room service works! Ultimately we had to go down and order in person after it was clear ordering on the phone wasn’t going to work. Of course during all of this…the blankets never came. At 10:15 PM, now with kids ready for bed I went down to the front desk to ask for blankets…”Yes, no problem! We’ll send them right away!”. 10:45 - even more exhausted kids - I go down again quite frustrated and the concierge assured me he’s handling it personally…..11:15 still no freaking blankets! I go down again and plead for some blankets so my kids can go to sleep. The concierge assured me “he called them” and I could call back if no blankets arrived. Thankfully, at 11:30 we get a knock at the door! But unfortunately it’s an empty handed porter who is confused about what we’re asking for. I clutch a blanket in my hands and say “Blanket!” Finally, he returned with blankets 10 minutes later and my kids are asleep at 11:45 PM. None of this is to mention 1 of the TVs was non-functional, one of the phones is broken, there is a mysterious entity flying around the first floor (it’s flying to frantically for me to determine if it’s a bird or a bat - either way it’s scared), the hot tub is filthy, and one of my family members has an ant infestation in their room.

: 1.0 on 5"
07/12/2022 来自Tripadvisor
devoid of any style , warmth or charm.

I'm sure I have stayed in less welcoming places.....though I cant actually remember when. Of the dozen or so staff that I met , only one lady on reception managed a smile and the breakfast team seemed happy to have guests staying at their hotel. The bar staff were surly and uncaring and the whole place is charmless and bland. I understand that its fairly recently been acquired by Accor group......it desperately needs a proper Management team, staff training and an injection of colour / warmth. And in the quiet season is there any real excuse for not fixing the cupboards in the bar which were hanging off......some way to go before they get anywhere near other Accor Group brands , like Sofitel.

Ian P
: 4.0 on 5"
03/10/2022 来自Tripadvisor
some AC issues and coslty drinks but otherwise great

I could not get the AC to work on full, it was a bit hot in the room. Room otherwise was comfortable. Staff excellent esp in the bar! Drinkks are well overpriced though as is the food. Bar only option if you want to eat at 6. Breakfast was excellent. Recommend