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Mövenpick Izmir

Swiss Cake


From the finest handmade chocolates to elegant cakes and scrumptious cookies, Swiss cake, on the ground fllor of the Mövenpick Hotel Izmir, is the sweetest place in Izmir.

Why you’ll love it

Natural luxury of Mövenpick ice cream

The secret of our premium, creamy and smooth ice cream lie in the quality and the origin of the ingredients we use; milk and fresh cream from the pastures of the Swiss mountains, vanilla from Madagascar, pistachios from Italy, walnuts from China and of course chocolate and caramel from Switzerland. Our delicious variety of coupes with crispy almond waffles will allure you to Margaux Restaurant and to Breeze Bar.

Tickle your senses

At Swiss Cake, we take great care in providing you with the freshest and most natural products that appeal to all your senses.

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