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Mövenpick Krasnaya Polyana

Location & contact

Location & contact

Mövenpick Krasnaya Polyana in Krasnaya Polyana Resort, Sochi, Russia

The five-star premium hotel Mövenpick Krasnaya Polyana, located at Polyana 960 of the Krasnaya Polyana resort - the main ski resort of Russia. Hotel within walking distance of the resort's cable car, has a best location on 960m above sea level. The favorable location of the hotel makes it an ideal place for a holiday in the mountains in winter and summer.

Around the hotel

Sights and attractions

  • Main cable car - 500 m
  • Ski slopes - 500 m
  • Rental and ski school - 100 m
  • Waterfalls - 3 km
  • Olympic facilities - 5 km

Shopping and Amenities

  • Olympic Park - 50 km
  • Sochi Centre - 70 km
  • Shopping Centre - 1 km
  • Central Station - 10 km
  • Airport - 47 km


  • Sochi Casino - 2 km
  • Gorky Mall - 1.5 km
  • Harats Bub - 1 km
  • Medical & SPA Polyana 960 - 500 m
  • Mountain baths 4 elements - 500 m

How to get to the hotel

Every day to Krasnaya Polyana from Sochi, Adler, the airport or the Olympic Park, runs a high-speed electric train Lastochka.

Which station is better to get off at?

There are two railway stations in Krasnaya Polyana: “Esto-Sadok” and “Rosa Khutor”. From the terminal station "Rosa Khutor" you can walk (about 15-30 minutes, depending on the route) or take a bus / taxi.

From the center of Sochi

From the center of Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana - 70 km. By car, you can reach it in about 1 hour.

From Adler

Two highways lead from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana: A-149 "Old Krasnopolyanskoe highway" and "New Krasnopolyanskoe highway". The old road is more winding and leads past the airport and through the villages themselves Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok. The new road is an expressway built for the 2014 Winter Olympics and will take you to the resort faster. But be careful, drivers often overtake in the oncoming lane and do not observe the speed limit, although cameras are working on the site.

In winter

In winter, during snowfalls, traffic can be difficult, although roads are cleared quickly. In snowfalls, the presence of winter tires is a must, without it your car will not be allowed by the traffic police. It can be spikes or Velcro.

The transfer between Polyana 540 and Polyana 960 runs at night, when the Krasnaya Polyana K-1 cable car is no longer working.