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Munich offers you many different types of sightseeing opportunities.

Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich City

Munich offers you many different types of sightseeing opportunities. For families there are things to do like visiting the Bavaria Filmstadt with many attractions, including “The Bullyversum”. Take a tour through Bavaria Filmstadt and see the mythical creature of “The Neverending Story” or famous film backdrops, including the Germany daily soap “Marienhof”.

  • Discovering adventure for the whole family
  • You can make a Filmstadt Tour
  • 4D cinema
  • Visit the Bullyversum

English Garden in Munich

One of the largest city parks worldwide, even larger than Central Park in New York or London's Hyde Park. The best place to refresh yourself is the beer garden Chinesischer Turm, Munich's second-largest beer garden with about 7.000 places. You can also do leisure activities like cycling or jogging.

  • Pure Nature in the city
  • One of Munich's largest beer gardens
  • Great for an excursion
  • 78 kilometer of paths for cycling or jogging

Deutsches Museum in Downtown Munich

Munich is not only famous for sightseeing and shopping, you can visit the Deutsches Museum. Discover exhibitions and collections from the field of science and technology. It's an adventure for the whole family.

  • Education in science and technology
  • Perfect day event
  • Adventure for the whole family
  • Discover 50 exhibition areas

Munich Airport Tour

You want to have a look behind the scenes of Munich Airport? Why don't you make an airport tour?

The tour is about 50 minutes and has a way of about 12km. With a bus you pass for example the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 aprons.

You can see planes take off and land close-up and have your questions answered. This tour is available for singles, families, couples or groups.

  • Have a look behind the scenes of Munich Airport
  • See closed-to-the-public areas like the aprons of Terminal 1 and 2
  • You can see the freight buildings or maintenance hangars
  • You will receive many information about Munich Airport

Visitors Hill

Do you love planes? The visitors hill at Munich Airport gives you the opportunity to climb up visitors hill to the viewing platform for watching Terminal 1 and the apron and watch the ongoing flight operations on the runways. The A380 is landing every day.

  • Great view to runways
  • Open 24 hours
  • Watch an A380 every day directly at Visitors park

Discover Munich

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