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The city's many interesting cultural and historic monuments located within a short walk from Mövenpick Hanoi. Slip on your walking shoes and head out the front door to start exploring these nearby attractions.

Quan Su Pagoda

Quan Su Pagoda is one of the precious treasures of Hanoi. It was built in the 15th century under the Lê Dynasty and has been restored and rebuilt a number of times. Since, the pagoda has been the headquarter of the Vietnamese Buddhist Association. Today, the remains are considered as one of the most famous and oldest temples in Hanoi. If you are a foreign tourist and longing to gain further knowledge in terms of worship culture in Vietnam, make sure to plan your next trip to Quan Su Pagoda which is at only a 2-minute walk from our hotel.

Friendship Cultural Palace

The Friendship Cultural Palace, also known as Huu Nghi Cultural Palace, was a generous gift from the USSR Central Trade Union Council to the Vietnam Trade Union. Considered as Hanoi's largest cultural centre, Huu Nghi Cultural Palace is an interesting locality holding various events in terms of cultural activities, art performances, fashion shows, beauty contests, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and sports. With a 10-minute taxi ride from our hotel, tourists can enjoy a plenty of remarkable performances and achieve further understanding about Vietnamese culture.

Hanoi's Train Station

Despite Hanoi's allure, a visitor sometimes may need to reach the capital's train station due to the strong desire to explore other regions of Vietnam during his get-away trip. Located on Le Duan Street, Hanoi's Train Station serves as the start of five railway lines proceeding to almost all provinces in the country. It can be easily navigated with a 2-minute cab ride or a 5-minute walk from Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi.

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