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Mövenpick Karachi



As a prominent global hotel chain, we are steadfast in our commitment to integrating environmental sustainability practices aimed at mitigating adverse environmental impacts while prudently managing our finite resources. Embracing our Environmental Policy, Mövenpick Hotel Karachi remains dedicated to the following key initiatives:

  • Ensuring compliance with all pertinent local legislation to uphold environmental standards.
  •  Exercising judicious stewardship over water, energy, and resources, employing efficient utilization methods and ongoing assessment.
  • Fostering awareness of sustainability principles among our employees and clientele.
  • Adapting our procurement policies to align with sustainable practices and principles.
  •  Prioritizing the utilization of environmentally friendly chemical products.
  • Engaging actively with local community organizations and charitable endeavors, extending support to businesses through various means.
  •  Implementing comprehensive waste management and recycling programs within our premises.
  •  Continuously enhancing our environmental and social performance through iterative improvement measures.


Our overarching objective is to cultivate a more sustainable environment through the effective implementation of a robust sustainability management framework. This endeavor not only benefits our customers, staff, and the local community but also upholds stringent standards of quality, health, and safety. Mövenpick Hotel Karachi endeavors to lead by example in terms of environmental policy and actions, setting a compelling benchmark for other establishments within the city.