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Mövenpick Hotel Du Lac Tunis

La Table du Chef

About this restaurant

Imagine a restaurant where you can speak directly with the chef who is cooking for you, and even take a peek at the backstage action. La Table du Chef is not only the chef's table, it is the chef's realm and kitchen kingdom. This is where you are part of a unique culinary interaction. Behind the sleek marble counters, show cases are filled with a prime selection of meat, fish and poultry. These are grilled to order, and to perfection, either in our piping hot Josper oven or the rotisserie. Of course, our chefs directly serve these tender grills with your choice of sides and fine beverages. La Table du Chef is open daily from lunchtime until late at night.

Why you’ll love it!

Best grills in Tunis

A selection of prime meat cuts, fresh fish, seafood of the day and tender poultry, are grilled in the Josper oven to preserve their tenderness and taste. Prepare for grilled delights, served directly by our chefs.

Atelier experience

This is a custom-made dining experience, where our chefs will ask if you feel like fish, beef, lamb or poultry. Then, walking you through the different cooking styles and side dishes, they truly tailor the perfect dish for you.


Mixology is the art and science of mixing cocktails and drinks. Our own master mixologists will stun you with tastes and colours that are the perfect non-alcoholic liquid match for your dinner.

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