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فندق موڤنبيك الدوحة


غرف باعثة على الراحة

المطاعم والمقاهي

مكان للاستمتاع بالحياة

نؤمن بتقديم المتعة الحقيقية بالطريقة الصائبة، وتدليل نزلائنا بالمأكولات الطازجة الشهية، والحلويات والنكهات الكثيرة التي لا تقدِّمها إلا فنادق موفنبيك، وتقدَّم جميعها بقدرٍ وافر من العناية المخلصة.

المرافق والأنشطة

عندما يكون للحياة مذاق أحلى

تذوّق المعنى الحقيقي لجودة الحياة في موفنبيك. حيث الأيام المشمسة على حمّام السباحة ووقت المنتجع الصحي الغني بالتدليل والتمارين الباعثة على النشاط والحيوية والتجارب الثقافية الحقيقية، إننا ندعوك لترى روائع ستأسرك دون شك.

الاجتماعات والاحتفالات

اجتماعات لا تُنسى واحتفالات متلألئة

المعلومات العملية

المعلومات العملية

الموقع وبيانات التواصل


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4.5/5 تقييم تريب أدفايزر

1306 آراء

Sanga N
: 5.0 on 5"
21/03/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Excellent service by Taminda

We hang out with our team( family) yesterday. Taminda gave an excellent service to us. He prove that he’s a well experienced hospitality professional. He is so friendly and flexible person. We will visit again for his service

chris c
: 5.0 on 5"
14/03/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Movenpick Old Doha is the place to stay

Taminda and Derick are the reason to come here. They are so friendly, welcoming and helpful. The hotel is located in an ideal location. Each time I visit, I am amazed by the level of courtesy and service.

: 3.0 on 5"
14/03/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Moved from the Movenpick

Frequent travellers keep scratching their heads with newer encounters on their sojourns. Each trip becomes a new experience when you come across so many new people. I checked into this property where I had earlier stayed a few times. This time by mistake/default I had booked it through visit Qatar website being a third party. I asked the receptionist " Since I am booked for a basic room, do you have better rooms ?" The reply "Yes sir we have deluxe room at 100+ QAR and suite at 300+ QAR". I asked for the suite and came the reply "Sorry sir we are fully sold out" Well, wait it gets even better. Then she fills up a form and I sign it. And there is a prompt, sir I have upgraded you to a deluxe room free of cost. Have we started manufacturing human robots as receptionists who can only go by the book, and not apply their brains at all ? Well the joke went on with my request for a late check out. But another day. Movenpick is located in old part of the town very near to the corniche area and Qatar Museum, both walking distance. It is a quiet hotel with basic facilities as a mid type hotel. The service ? mum's the word after above. Food ? the breakfast spread was not lavish but adequate. The hotel had a cool cafe in the lobby which was closed (blame it on covid). I had guests in the lobby and we asked for fresh juices. Watermelon and Oranges were first purchased, then squeezed and then served after 40 minutes !!! My local guest was highly amused first by the delay, and then by the juice quality which tasted like leftovers of the fruit. This hotel has seen better days and service needs definite improvement. Till then stay for its budget rates, as the neighbourly Hilton is pricey !

: 5.0 on 5"
05/03/2023 من تريب أدفايزر

I have stayed in this hotel for more than a month. Hotel has got all the required facilities. All the hotel staff is very friendly and service is excellent. I highly recommend to stay in this hotel. Location of the hotel is very nice facing the sea. Hotel Staff Arjit, Surojit, Bhargav, Apple, all are very helpful. Break fast is very good with multiple cuisines.

Md A
: 5.0 on 5"
26/02/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
"I will definitely back"

I was so impressed with my breakfast this morning. I tried masala omlet and my boyfriend got the pan cakes. We both finished our whole plate and were so impressed with quality of food and it tok short amount of time to receive it. Our serves Rachel and Roman was sweet and helpful. Thanks to chef for good food. Wull back soon.

زُر أقرب فنادقنا