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فندق موڤنبيك بيروت


غرف باعثة على الراحة

المطاعم والمقاهي

مكان للاستمتاع بالحياة

نؤمن بتقديم المتعة الحقيقية بالطريقة الصائبة، وتدليل نزلائنا بالمأكولات الطازجة الشهية، والحلويات والنكهات الكثيرة التي لا تقدِّمها إلا فنادق موفنبيك، وتقدَّم جميعها بقدرٍ وافر من العناية المخلصة.

المرافق والأنشطة

عندما يكون للحياة مذاق أحلى

تذوّق المعنى الحقيقي لجودة الحياة في موفنبيك. حيث الأيام المشمسة على حمّام السباحة ووقت المنتجع الصحي الغني بالتدليل والتمارين الباعثة على النشاط والحيوية والتجارب الثقافية الحقيقية، إننا ندعوك لترى روائع ستأسرك دون شك.

الاجتماعات والاحتفالات

اجتماعات لا تُنسى واحتفالات متلألئة

المعلومات العملية

المعلومات العملية

اطلع على جميع الأسئلة الشائعة نافذة جديدة

الموقع وبيانات التواصل


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4.5/5 تقييم تريب أدفايزر

1258 آراء

: 5.0 on 5"
03/12/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Best business Trip EVER

Best Experience EVER, we loved the food , the location , the pool was clean, the staff is really friendly . I was on a business trip , I did really enjoy . the view was incredible , live love Beirut

Brianna S
: 1.0 on 5"
29/10/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
I should have read the reviews, not family friendly!

I am not sure why this hotel can’t seem to get it together. Not family friendly. I stayed for 3 days with my husband and 2 children. My husband left during day for business as he is from Lebanon. I am not, and was treated as such. One day with charged one price and paid in cash next day order exact same thing for kids charged $8 more paid in cash. The exchange rate doesn’t change that much in 1 day. The pool was lovely, life guards were not. Adult men screaming and blowing their whistles at small children fro splashing each other. If they weren’t doing that they were talking with their friends. Be warned they open the pools to the public for a daily fee. So not all the people are the level of the clientele staying. My husband decided to move Is to a different hotel. Hope this help the moms with kids traveling, not a place for us. I should have read all the reviews, my issues were the same as others.

Steve O
: 4.0 on 5"
28/10/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Nice stay in Beirut.

For a nice stay in Beirut. Close to the sea, offered sea view rooms, and beach view rooms, wide range of amenities, friendly, and helpful staff, lots of options for restaurants, and room Choices, walking distance Marina, cheap concierge parking rates, walking distance to Rawche rock.

: 5.0 on 5"
07/10/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Hospitality at its best

Thanks Ashraf and Charbel at front desk for a complementary upgrade and for ensuring a smooth stay. Thanks to Hanadi and Ahmed at housekeeping Thanks to Ali and Hasan for amazing service at breakfast Thanks to Firas at spa for compensating a previous experience

: 4.0 on 5"
10/09/2023 من تريب أدفايزر
Good resort

This was our second hotel for our stay in Beirut and we thought it would be a good place to stay for a couple of nights. The hotel lobby and entrance was nice and up there in respect of a luxury resort. The room was nice and clean and had the main amenities. Unfortunately our stay was marred with our baby becoming ill so we couldn’t enjoy our stay properly but the hotel were very accommodating. They have two main restaurants and the menu is ample and very nice. The views are very nice. One gripe we had is when going to the pools there is no elevator to take us there and we needed to carry our buggy down some stairs. Secondly, we arrived on a Sunday and the pool was extremely busy and I believe they allow non hotel guests to use these facilities which isn’t very calming for those staying there. I think the holiday period made the place quite busy. A further point whoever books using Expedia, do note that the VIP access doesn’t allow 20% discount to the spa treatment. The staff were friendly and welcoming particularly at the restaurant. If I was in Beirut again, we would stay at this hotel again.

Frequently asked questions

يقع فندق موفنبيك بيروت في شارع الروشة الرئيسي، على بُعد 10 دقائق فقط من مطار بيروت و10 دقائق من وسط مدينة بيروت.

يوجد عدد من معالم الجذب السياحية الشهيرة بالقرب من فندق موفنبيك بيروت مثل: صخرة الروشة الشهيرة، ووسط المدينة، وشارع الحمرا التجاري والمقاهي، ومركز ABC التجاري، وخليج الزيتونة.

تم افتتاح فندق موفنبيك بيروت عام 2002.

يوفّر فندق موفنبيك بيروت عدداً من وسائل الراحة بالمرافق، منها:

  • موقف سيارات
  • 5 مطاعم ومقاهي
  • 4 أحواض سباحة أحدها داخلي
  • نادي رياضي مغمور بضوء النهار الطبيعي
  • منتجع صحي
  • خدمة الغرف على مدار 24 ساعة
  • 11 قاعة اجتماعات

من بين وسائل الراحة المتوفرة بغرف فندق موفنبيك بيروت ما يلي: 

  • شامبو وبلسم
  • جِل استحمام
  • فرشاة أسنان
  • أرواب وخفّ للاستحمام
  • طقم أدوات تجميل 
  • خزنة شخصية آمنة 

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