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Mövenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah


Ein Gemach zum Genießen

Restaurants & Bars

Ein Ort der Lebensfreude

Bei uns wird Genuss ganz großgeschrieben. Wir verwöhnen unsere Gäste mit köstlich frischen Speisen, Leckereien in Hülle und Fülle und Aromen, die typisch sind für Mövenpick – stets garniert mit einer Extraportion Liebe.

Ausstattung & Aktivitäten

Wo das Leben süßer schmeckt

Holen Sie sich eine Extraportion Lebensfreude bei Mövenpick Von sonnigen Pooltagen und entspannenden Spa-Sessions bis hin zu belebenden Workouts und spannenden Kulturerlebnissen – wir bieten das Rundumprogramm.

Praktische Informationen

Praktische Informationen

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3.5/5 TripAdvisor-Bewertung

423 Bewertungen

: 1.0 on 5"
29/10/2023 Von TripAdvisor
سيء جداً ولا يسوى

سيء جداً غرفة و نظافة زي الزفت و معاملة أسوء و موظفين لا تفقه شيء بالفندقه ما انصح أي احد يضيع فلوسه بمكان مقرف زي كده اقل فندق احسن منه و تخيلوا أقوم الصبح اطلب خدمة الغرف ترد عليه موظفة اسمها رانيا تقولي ممنوع عشان أنت خارج اليوم 🤦🏻‍♂️ بحياتي ما سمعتها دي 😂 الهبل أنواع بس زي كده ما صارت معايه

: 3.0 on 5"
29/08/2023 Von TripAdvisor
رحلة استجمام سريعة

الفندق ليس بمستوى الخمس نجوم بالنسبة للمكان الذي تم تسكيننا فيه ماورد ضمن الحجز بنوع السكن (فيلا) ليست كذلك وأنما مجرد شاليه بغرفة صغيرة وصالة ومساحه خارجيه موجود بها مسبح صغير لايوجود شاطىء يمكن الجلوس عليه او السباحه مباشرة وجود اشغااتن مباني بجوار مكان غرفتنا رغم توفر اماكن اخرى ابعد قليلا ولم يتم مرعاة ذلك

Sophie S
: 2.0 on 5"
21/04/2022 Von TripAdvisor
Avoid resort

The service is terrible and chaotic (one day there was no breakfast, half a day without water), there is no beach at all, no restaurant, no facilities. The kitchenette is not equipped (no plates, no cutlery) Despite email by all accor that I was entitled to an upgrade, I needed to negotiate and in the end only got it for 2/3 nights, so we had to change the room in the middle. This is a place mostly for KSA nationals who want absolute privacy.

Abdulla A
: 1.0 on 5"
09/04/2022 Von TripAdvisor
The worst room service you could ever Imagine (Full responsibility for this awful job is on Mr بديع)

This resort is very rude to their guests. Mr. بديع from room service is doing a terrible job. We called him to order some soup for iftar, and 4 minutes before Eftar, we called to ask about the order, and he replied we would serve you 30 minutes after Eftar; our priority for people paying 200 SR for a set menu if you pay 200 per guest will serve you now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked why you didn't you inform us early; he couldn't reply if he had told me this earlier, I would be breaking my fasting in a restaurant outside the resort. This is unacceptable, and I would be escalating the issue to Accor customer services, or maybe I should not be their member anymore. We came here for a high end respected resort, not a place trying to rip you off

: 1.0 on 5"
09/12/2021 Von TripAdvisor

This is the worst hotel i've stayed in for as long as i can remember. I paid over $1000 for the night and the shower flooded, there was no internet (we're in 2021 Movenpick!!) and the room was so old and rundown. The people were nice, but i get the sense they smile and are obliging so that they dont get abuse when people reach their room. I'm a diamond member and cant believe hotels like this exist at this price point in the Accor group. Very disappointed and makes me not want to use the Accor group

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