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Mövenpick Colombo


غرف باعثة على الراحة

المطاعم والمقاهي

مكان للاستمتاع بالحياة

نؤمن بتقديم المتعة الحقيقية بالطريقة الصائبة، وتدليل نزلائنا بالمأكولات الطازجة الشهية، والحلويات والنكهات الكثيرة التي لا تقدِّمها إلا فنادق موفنبيك، وتقدَّم جميعها بقدرٍ وافر من العناية المخلصة.

المرافق والأنشطة

عندما يكون للحياة مذاق أحلى

تذوّق المعنى الحقيقي لجودة الحياة في موفنبيك. حيث الأيام المشمسة على حمّام السباحة ووقت المنتجع الصحي الغني بالتدليل والتمارين الباعثة على النشاط والحيوية والتجارب الثقافية الحقيقية، إننا ندعوك لترى روائع ستأسرك دون شك.

الاجتماعات والاحتفالات

اجتماعات لا تُنسى واحتفالات متلألئة

المعلومات العملية

المعلومات العملية

الموقع وبيانات التواصل


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4.5/5 تقييم تريب أدفايزر

2202 آراء

Hiruna a
: 5.0 on 5"
25/02/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Thank you for providing a very good attractive customer service.

We had a great stay at mövenpick hotel and the service at the rooftop vistas bar was exceptional. Sajini was very attentive and looked after us very well. Supun made the best cocktails. Overall all the vistas bar staff was exceptional......

Imasha R
: 5.0 on 5"
25/02/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Great service

Hats off to the Mövenpick Hotel Bar team, especially Sajini, Supun, Nisanka, Dinusha, Awantha, Kavindu, Dilshan, and Udaya! Their service was top-notch, making my experience extra special. Kudos for the fantastic hospitality! 🌟🍸😀

Roger M
: 5.0 on 5"
25/02/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Stylish and aesthetically pleasing home away from home

Really the perfect place to land after the long haul travel from Europe to Sri Lanka. The aesthetics of the hotel are amazing. The interior decoration of the hotel gives proof of the attention to detail that went into the construction and design of the hotel. Add to that the amazing service and friendliness of the staff and you get the perfect place to rest and recover after several long haul flights. Our reception at the hotel was amazing: staff made sure we didn't had to concern ourselves with check in formalities, since we were so tired from the journey. They immediately told us we could go to our room where cookies and other amenities were waiting to greet us. The rooms are spacious and, again, the interior design is one of the most pleasing I have yet encountered in large hotels. The work desk is very nice where you get a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean, especially impressive since our room was on the 21st floor. The air conditioning is a welcome feature and switches on automatically when you aren't in the room, so the room is always cool when you return to it, a thoughtful detail. Worth noting is also the beautiful bathroom, not only with a waterfall style shower, but also with a delightful bath tub, again panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. During the day the room can be totally obscured by full sun blocking curtains. Now, often times during the day I had the need to get some fresh outside air and this is where the amazing rooftop section of the hotel enters into the picture. Not only are you greeted by the bar with beautiful panoramic views of the Indian Ocean on the one side and the city of Colombo on the other side, but there's also a large swimming pool and jacuzzi to relax and take in all the impressions. A large selection of Cocktails, Mocktails and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks are available. I did a separate review of the AYU all day dining in-house restaurant of the Mövenpick, so I wont go into much more detail here, but to give a small impression: the food selection is amazing, overwhelming and of the highest quality. Not only is there this restaurant, but also a separate Japanese style in-house restaurant, named Robata. For sure you wont go hungry here. Add to all this a full fledged fitness room, hair and nail salon and massage services and you have your perfect home away from home, right in one of the most primary parts of Colombo. A dear thanks to all staff and everyone who made our stay memorable!

: 5.0 on 5"
24/02/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
Amazing and Cozy Place

An amazing place with a great Staff and Top Notch Service with the staff going the extra mile. The hotel's prime central location is a hit for its convenience to landmarks and city exploration. Visitors are charmed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the soothing music and elegant decor.

: 5.0 on 5"
24/02/2024 من تريب أدفايزر
One of my Favourite.

Well I must say the hotel is literally a great with such a good services... The staff over there is very professional providing attentive service, with the staff overwhelming efforts. You can literally feel the vibe as you enter. The location of the place is a just a muah 😘 as it very convenient for city exploration and for any other stuff... Everything over there went so smooth with such a comfortable accommodation and many other facilities provided... Overall it literally a place where you should stay in your next trip🫶!

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